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We are agile minds, in a flexible structure. We combine knowledge and adaptability, on strategies for success. We invest in experience in key areas and the formation of teams tailored to each client and each project. So we keep the structure light to implement what we believe, ensuring competitive results and appropriate solutions, to our clients. For communication excellence.


We have a strategic vision of communication, and we look at each challenge as unique. Because there isn’t two clients or two equal moments, we answer with unique ideas using the right tools.

Sofia Alcobia
Executive Manager

Graduated in business communication, Sofia has a postgraduate degree in communication consulting and press relations and has gained 16 years of experience in communication and project management. She loves challenges! Sofia has already created two corporate projects, one was a hit and other one was the best corporate learning programme: Discover your talent and become your best!


Sofia has worked with SIC, PressDirecto, YoungNetwork Group and Cook It. Some of the clients that she worked with are: Alcatel Lucent, Cisco Systems, Galp, Motorola and Vista Alegre.

Vanessa Leão
Communication Consultant

Vanessa has experience of working as communications consultant for over 10 years, having worked with YoungNetwork Group, PressDireto, Lisbon Project and Chefs Agency.


With a graduate degree in Marketing and Communication, Vanessa has earned several years of experience in media relations, communications consulting and public relations.


Providing visibility and being able to promote a brand is what motivates her… while always focusing on a close relationship with the client.

Patrícia Zambujo
Copywriting/Gestão de Conteúdos

Already with 20 years of experience in copywriting and communication. Radio and TV belong to her resume, but writing was always the great professional motivation.


With a degree in Communication Sciences, RTP, Júlio Isidro Produções, AVON Cosméticos are a part of her career, as well as several content projects for different companies.


Writing, communicating, learning and growing … Focusing on the client and always with creativity!

Neusa Almeida
Communication Director

With more than 15 years of experience in communications consulting, Neusa has worked for companies such as IBM, Intel, HP, Samsung, TomTom and Huawei.


With a degree in Communication with specialization in Public Relations, Neusa went through communication agencies where she coordinated teams and was a member of Management having responsibility for managing budgets, team and operations.
Communication in technology and innovation is her passion as well as a strong relationship with customers.

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