BE IDEAS is aware of its data protection obligations and hereby informs you of its privacy policy and consequently of its policy on the collection, processing and destruction of personal data obtained via the website or other means. All data is collected for the purpose of enabling BE IDEAS to pursue its activities with its customers and is processed in accordance with the requirements of the RGPD – Regulamento Geral de Proteção de Dados. It should be noted here that BE IDEAS establishes commercial relations with a B2B – Business to Business profile only, that is, it only sells its services to other entities and not to individual persons.

Objectives of the Data Collection and Data Collected

The data processed by BE IDEAS may be collected directly – when contact forms on the BE IDEAS website are filled out, as part of BE IDEAS’s commercial activities and recruitment processes – or indirectly, by collecting information on how visitors to BE IDEAS’s websites interact with the websites, for example in the form of Cookies. Access to BE IDEAS’ websites does not imply the collection of personal data except when expressly authorised by its visitors. This authorisation is essential when filling in information request forms or applications for recruitment processes.

Contact/Inquiry forms/Budgets

BE IDEAS’ websites aim to strengthen relations with its customers/visitors and therefore provide contact forms. These forms are filled out voluntarily, only after express acceptance of these privacy conditions and allow you to send messages to BE IDEAS with the purpose of requesting commercial information. The data collected there are processed for the purpose of responding to the request made and in accordance with the rules explained in this privacy policy. The following are collected: Name of the person requesting information; Company name; Company e-mail address; Company telephone number.

Recruitment programmes

Where appropriate and only in the context of recruitment programmes, candidates’ data are collected on the BE IDEAS website in an accessible location only when the address for that location is provided. At this point the essential data for the candidate’s inclusion in the recruitment programme and analysis of the application by BE IDEAS is collected.

Data storage period

The data collected, including personal data, is stored for as long as necessary taking into account the purpose for which it was collected. That is, within the scope of BE IDEAS’ commercial activity, the personal data obtained will be kept for as long as they are necessary for the pursuit of that commercial relationship. Within the scope of recruitment processes, data is kept for as long as the vacancy for which the candidate has applied remains open. Other data with a specific legal profile are kept in accordance with the legal rules in force. Once the specific storage periods have passed, the data is routinely deleted.

Consultation, correction and deletion of personal data

The data subject may ask BE IDEAS to consult, correct or delete his/her personal data, using the contact details provided in the contact section of this privacy policy. In this context, BE IDEAS, by the necessary means, will need to verify the identity of the applicant in order to validate that he/she is the data subject.

Data security

The data stored by BE IDEAS is protected by security mechanisms that are appropriate to the fragility of the data processed and that involve, among other things, careful management of access to the information. Means of protection against accidental destruction and means of data recovery in the event of data loss are also established. It is still safeguarded that, taking into account the constant technological evolutions that govern the computer systems, it is not possible for us to guarantee peremptorily the security and recovery of the data.


In order to improve the experience of its visitors, BE IDEAS’ websites may collect information in the form of cookies – text files containing information that are stored on the website visitor’s computer. These files may contain information about the equipment and about the user including IP address, browsing data, server data and user preferences. You may refuse the use of cookies by adjusting the settings of your browser, which may block the collection of cookies and delete all cookies that have been collected on BE IDEAS websites or on other websites. If the visitor deactivates the cookie setting on the internet browser, not all functions of our website may be fully usable.
For more information on how to disable or delete the use of cookies, please see this page. If you wish to specifically refuse cookies from Google Analytics, please click here.
You can also install a tool in your web browser to prevent the use of cookies: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari For more information on how to disable or delete the use of cookies, install a tool in your web browser to prevent the use of cookies. If you wish to specifically refuse cookies from Google Analytics, please click here. You can also install a tool in your web browser to prevent the use of cookies: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari

General information collected via the website

Every time there is a visit to the website some general data and information is collected. Such data and information is stored on the server, separately from any other personal data, in the form of a log and may consist of: Type of browser used to access the website; operating system used; origin of the visit; date and time of access; IP address; internet service provider of the visitor. The data collected here are not used for profiling or drawing conclusions about visitors, they are used to enable the delivery of appropriate content to visitors and to protect the BE IDEAS websites against possible cyber attacks.

Intellectual Property Rights and Confidentiality

BE IDEAS is not responsible for the content of other websites linked or accessible from ‘’ via hypertext links. The logos and registered trademarks displayed on the website are the property of their respective owners. All brands are part of BE IDEAS’ portfolio of customers or are our business partners.
The copying, distribution and publication of the content on this website is prohibited without the express consent of BE IDEAS. The reproduction and temporary storage of the contents is permitted as strictly necessary for the use and visualisation of the website from a personal computer.


Should you require further information you may contact BE IDEAS, as the data controller: