The 1:1 Diet

Challenge | Communications and Press Relations Consultancy

The 1:1 Diet, a British company offering food and nutrition solutions to help with weight loss, has expanded its international expansion to several countries, including Portugal.


With this objective in mind, the strategy was to develop a survey, with 1.000 people, on eating habits related to overweight and assessment of eating habits and lifestyles of the Portuguese population. Based on the results obtained, two press releases were developed, one highlighting the overweight of 40% of the Portuguese population and the other aimed at the economic and business investment about the company's entry into the national market, business prospects, hiring and growth of the consultant network.


Articles were published in the main media, in print and online, defined as strategic. The results obtained by the survey allowed the development of content to be explored in various communication tools, such as commercial presentations, posts on social media, and information for recruiting consultants.