Teldat Portugal


Teldat Portugal

Challenge | Communications and Press Relations Consultancy

The challenge given to us by TELDAT was to present itself to the Portuguese market with a direct presence and offices in Lisbon. With a local management team that responds to the needs of the national market. The aim was to communicate the launch of Teldat Portugal and the opening of the office, giving visibility to the brand.


The defined communication strategy involved enhancing TELDAT Portugal's main assets in the market, focusing on assertive and surgical corporate communication targeted at a very specific target audience. There was a focus on exploring TELDAT's main staff, namely the General Manager, with the promotion of profiles and opinion articles in the strategic media. Generating high visibility and brand awareness. At the same time, content enhancing awareness was developed on TELDAT Portugal's Facebook and Linkedin pages.


With the launch of TELDAT Portugal in the media, there was an increase in the visibility and notoriety of the brand, as a result of a continuous and constant communication work. This allowed for a strengthening in its market, as a telecommunications partner. By making interesting content available and permanently monitoring the media, Teldat's notoriety has grown significantly.

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