Tech Data Portugal


Tech Data Portugal

Challenge | Communication Consultancy, Press Office and Social Media Management

TECH DATA has been present in Portugal for over 25 years and in this sense, as a leader in the distribution and service offering market in the information technology market, it intended to strengthen its positioning and increase its visibility in the media. The objective was also to use social networks as a communication support not only with corporate information but also as a dissemination tool for its partners.


Enhance the main characteristics of TECH DATA Portugal in the market, with a strategy based on a focus on press relations. Promoting local and international events and news, writing press releases, promoting interviews, writing opinion articles and meetings with the media, etc. The definition of contents had in view themes such as the IT distribution market, Cloud, digital transformation, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, IoT, business sustainability, etc. This base also served for TECH DATA's communication strategy on social networks, with a very active presence on social media, allowing for a very close relationship with the different target audiences.


This communication strategy made it possible to increase the visibility and presence of TECH DATA Portugal and its brands in the media. With a continuous and efficient flow of communication combined with the delivery of relevant content to the media, TECH DATA has achieved very satisfactory results in terms of brand recognition. As a result of this communication strategy, it was possible to establish a close and trusting relationship with the Media and in the different social media.

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