Challenge | Communications and Press Relations Consultancy

SAS, a leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent provider in the business intelligence market, was looking for a partner that would enhance communication with the media and that had extensive experience in the technology and innovation market. In this way, BE Ideas presented communication planning and senior skills that ensured an effective and efficient achievement of the objectives set annually by SAS.


The SAS communication strategy involved in-depth knowledge of the company's positioning, culture and objectives. A strategy of approximation that leveraged SAS' positioning in leadership, innovation and use of technology in the daily lives of people and companies. With the definition and preparation of spokespersons for moments of contact with the press. Regular monitoring of projects and relevant moments for SAS, promoting them to the media. A high availability of SAS to media requests. A promotion of the main SAS staff in the strategic media of business and technology.


In recent years, in which BE Ideas has been supporting its communication, SAS has achieved a very solid consistency in its presence in the media, leveraging the company's notoriety in the economic, business, and technological environments. SAS is a company widely recognized in the market leader in its segment.

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