29 Aug Looking for Talent!

Looking for Talent!

Capturing talent is today one of the biggest challenges facing companies. In the technological field, the shortage is evident, with a high growth of demand for solutions in a technological environment driven by the need for digital transformation in companies and institutions. It is estimated that our country needs 18 thousand people (when in the universities currently about 5 thousand graduates leave).
In addition to being insufficient, many recent graduates seek to start their career abroad or start their own projects, further reducing choice for companies that need these resources. The combination of these factors contributes to a growing competition between technological companies for the capture of the best talent “produced” in Portuguese educational institutions.

Leveraging the notoriety of a brand or company that becomes desirable to a potential candidate is a permanent goal of human resources and MARCOM teams.
Accompanying and understanding this target audience is not easy, having to respond to their expectations and presenting a challenging future. To this end, it is important to create conditions for the creativity and sharing of ideas that allow the development of differentiated solutions that are close to the ambitions of potential candidates. Many universities and polytechnics schools already promote a close relationship with companies through protocols and business partnerships. The holding of Employment and Entrepreneurship Fairs are excellent opportunities for students and business contacts. Initiatives such as Jobshops or Pitch Bootcamps are some of the examples of sharing moments between students and companies that in an integrated communication strategy can be leveraged to create value for brands.

Being close to the candidates is an effective strategy in winning your trust. For this, developing actions at the poles of university and polytechnic education is essential. By promoting consistent and coherent communication, companies are betting on an ongoing relationship with one of their key capitals, human resources. The talent is developed not only by the intrinsic conditions of each person but much of the support and accompaniment given to it, and the companies and brands that are part of this growth from the earliest will be the ones that will remain and have the best teams.

    À procura de talentos!