And so 10 years of BE Ideas have passed, reflections from an entrepreneur



In 2013 when I started BE Ideas I sought to create a communication agency that would correspond to an idea that had made sense since the beginning of my professional career: that would be to be close to the clients, to know their business deeply, their challenges, to be an extension of their marketing department, in some cases the only communication support. With a senior, highly knowledgeable and experienced communications team that delivers customer confidence, results, and continuity. This was the basis of the enthusiasm to create something from scratch in a very uncertain period, where companies were reducing their investments in response to a financial crisis that affected the entire economy.

“The path is made by walking” as the Spanish poet António Machado says, and at BE Ideas, over these 10 years, the path has been made between conquests and disappointments, as is characteristic of those who are growing up. There were lessons learned and much that remains to be learned. There are many factors that can contribute to a company’s success, but some practices and strategies are especially important, and that I would like to highlight:

  1. Clear vision and defined objectives: A company needs to have a clear vision of what it wants to achieve and define realistic and measurable objectives to guide its efforts. Sometimes the hardest thing is to stay focused, so it is important to review the goals you set.
  2. Strong culture and well-established values: A strong culture and well-established values help guide the company’s decisions and actions, promoting cohesion and corporate identity. This goes for both large and small companies.
  3. Customer focus: A company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and service tends to be more successful because it builds lasting relationships and builds customer loyalty. This point is essential in the success of BE Ideas and hence the importance of an experienced and reliable team.
  4. Constant innovation: Nowadays a company has to innovate and improve its services and processes to remain relevant in the market over time.
  5. Sound financial management: A company that maintains efficient financial management, investing in strategic areas and monitoring costs and expenses, is more likely to remain sustainable over the years.
  6. Involved and talented employees: A team of talented employees, involved and committed to the company’s mission and values, is one of the greatest assets a company can have. I also highlight the partners that, in the case of BE Ideas, get involved and contribute with their talent and dedication.
  7. Adaptability and resilience: Being able to adapt to market changes and overcome obstacles with resilience is a skill that develops with experience and insight.

These are just a few examples of practices and strategies that I highlight and that are part of the growth of BE Ideas. However, it is important to remember that each company is unique and that the path to success can vary according to several factors, such as the industry in which it operates, the competition, among others.

Managing a communication agency like BE Ideas brought professional and personal challenges, doubts and certainties that contributed to make these 10 years a rehearsal of the best we have to give in the future.