The Accelerator of 2023



I could start this article talking about the uncertain and volatile times we live in, but this is something we all notice not only in professional and personal terms. Responding to the challenges presented by the market is difficult, but anticipating trends and needs is even more so. So defining a medium to long-term strategy is vital for consistency in business communication. Staying focused yet aware of global and industry developments is essential for the sustainability of organisations.

At BE IDEAS we have highlighted the importance of planning, message effectiveness and tools to use to communicate better, whether it is a one-off or ongoing project.

In 2022 we had a very interesting project that consisted in promoting a new brand in Portugal of dietetic products. Together with our partner from UK we developed an online survey of 1000 Portuguese about their eating habits and quality of life. The results were the basis for leveraging all the brand communication for its launch in Portugal. By highlighting the needs and key messages supported by the numbers that resulted from this study it was possible to have the media draw attention to issues such as diabetes, obesity and the need for balance between personal and professional life. And the brand that promoted this study was thus associated with this message of promoting better eating habits.

This is one of several examples of communication projects that we have developed over these 10 years.

If in your company there are communication opportunities but you need an experienced and proactive team contact us.