Staples Portugal





Our international partner* developed a communication project based on a study carried out in several European countries, including Portugal, on the level of frustration of European workers in their workplaces. This study encompassed questions on the level of satisfaction of workers in their workspaces and how these influenced their performance and motivation levels. The results were quite impressive and Staples wanted the main conclusions to be disseminated in all participating countries, including Portugal.


With the coordination of the partner team and the Staples Portugal marketing team, we jointly developed the launch in Portugal of this communication. The media were selected based on their importance and relevance not only in terms of notoriety but also national coverage. The development of communication media was transversal to all countries demonstrating the main findings in each country. A press release, an infographic, a micro-site and the study in its entirety were produced and made available for consultation online.


With the launch of the press release with reference to the main conclusions of the study, the media gave journalistic treatment to the theme, with some of them, in the traditional written press, having a front page headline, as was the case of Jornal I. In the digital press, the highlights were immediate after the press release was sent. *Berkeley PR